How do Blossombs' seed bombs work?

It actually works quite simple: throw Blossombs wherever you want flowers: in your garden, along the ditch or on a bare piece of land in and around urban areas (Note! Blossombs should not be thrown in protected natural areas!). Blossombs do not need to be buried, but if necessary lightly press them into the soil. Then wait for rain or use a watering can. After a few days they will "burst open" and you will see small plants appear.

It will take another +/- 8 weeks before you, the bees and the butterflies can enjoy the wildflowers! In short: patience required until nature does its work.

Best sowing time: March to September
Do you throw the Blossombs out later in the season? Then they will come up the next spring!

What seeds are in Blossombs?

Blossombs are made from natural clay, organic wildflower seeds and natural color pigments. Blossombs have a shelf life of over 2 years and provide flowers from spring through fall that attract bees and butterflies. This nourishment is incredibly important for improved biodiversity!

The organic flower seed mix includes: Inkarnate clover, Greater chrysanthemum, Greater poppy, Lesser pimpernel, Cornflower, Coriander, Persian clover, Phacelia, Huttentut, White clover, Black cumin, Lemon yellow honey clover, Corn Marigold, Caraway, Diplotaxis tenuifolia, Wild chicory, Common daisy, Yarrow, Red clover, True chamomile, Narrow plantain and Sareptamustard.

Some seeds germinate in spring, others in summer or even after. That way the bees (and you, too) can enjoy flowers all season long.