Offer a sustainable promotional gift with blossombs

Looking for a unique, personalized and customized gift that colleagues and/or associates will enjoy for a long time to come? With the flower bombs from Blossombs you are giving a sustainable business gift with your personal message.

We are happy to help you think about personalized packaging with, for example, a logo or message for your company.

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Personalize your promotional gift

A sustainable gift is what you give with Blossombs. Many companies are increasingly concerned with corporate social responsibility and their contribution to this world. We at Blossombs would like to help you create a personalized gift that contributes to that. Our packaging is made from sustainable materials and all Blossombs products are packed by social workshops in the Netherlands.

These companies preceded you

The following companies, among others, ordered Blossombs with a custom design. Whether it is a completely personal design or one of our existing Blossombs packaging with your logo.

Are you gifting Blossombs? Then you are giving a unique, sustainable and personalized business gift that grows with your business relation. We like to think along with you about how we can convey the perfect message with your gift.