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Beautiful for you & beautiful for nature

Looking for an original gift or present, for a birthday, as a thank you for the teacher, for wedding guests or just for fun? Our colorful flower bombs are a nice alternative to a bouquet of flowers and they fit through the mailbox. They're not only beautiful for people, but also for nature!

About Blossombs

We at Blossombs love color and especially color in nature! And so would you, if you knew how hugely important colorful flowers are to the survival of our earth and all life on it. After all, the more flowers, the more food there is for bees, butterflies, and bumblebees.

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Our mission

Blossombs was founded by Daisy de Bruijn and Geerten van Eldik, with the goal of making biodiversity fun and accessible to all.

We are shocked by the bee and butterfly mortality in the world. Butterflies, bees and bumblebees are suffering due to a shortage of flowers. We thought we had to do something about that.

And so the flower "bombs" from Blossombs were created. Colorful, packaged as fun gifts, 100% safe, suitable for both adults and children and sustainably produced for large target audiences.

Throw - water - grow!

  • Throw

    Throw the Blossombs in your yard, around your house or on a vacant lot in the neighborhood. Please note! Blossombs should not be thrown in protected nature reserves.

  • Water

    All you have to do is wait for a rain (or use a watering can) and the Blossombs will do the rest! tip: press Blossombs gently into the soil, they don't need to be buried.

  • Grow

    It takes a few days for the plants to germinate and then it takes another +/- 8 weeks for the first flowers to appear. In short: patience until nature does its work.

See, this is how it works!

Throw Blossombs anywhere and create little food paradises for bees and butterflies everywhere: in your garden, in a pot on your balcony, on a vacant lot, a bare roadside or along the ditch (avoid nature reserves). Blossombs seed bombs contain an organic wildflower seed mix.

Some seeds germinate in spring, others in summer or even after. So the bees (and you, too) can enjoy flowers all season long. In short: Be patient until nature does its work. All you have to do is wait for the rain (or use a watering can) and the Blossombs flower bombs will do the rest!

Promotional gifts for companies

Looking for a unique, personal and customized gift that colleagues and/or associates will enjoy for a long time to come? Blossombs is a sustainable business gift with a message. We like to think along with you about a personalized packaging or message for your company.

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What customers think of us

  • Totally awesome!

    Totally awesome! Delivered fast and very well. It's incredibly fun to watch Blossombs develop and great fun to give to someone as a gift!

  • What a super fun concept!

    Fits through the mailbox, good for nature and a unique gift!

  • Nice to give

    The Blossombs flower bombs is a fun gift to give and to get. It's exciting to see which little flowers add extra color to your garden. And nice to do this especially for a good cause, helping the bees.

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